Elizabeth Holmes’ Obsession with Steve Jobs

Collectively together with her daring plan to transform healthcare, Elizabeth Holmes, the earlier CEO of Theranos, enchanted the world. She grew to change into increasingly more obsessive about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs when the truth about her agency’s dishonest enterprise practises acquired right here to gentle, though. A up to date enchancment in John Carreyrou’s recently launched book “Unhealthy Blood: Secrets and techniques and methods and Lies in a Silicon Valley Startup” reveals the depth of Holmes’ obsession. This textual content examines Holmes’ deeper admiration for Jobs, illuminates her makes an try to mimic him, and displays how her idolatry affected Theranos and led to its eventual demise.

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Holmes: A Visionary or Imposter?

Collectively together with her enterprise, Theranos, Elizabeth Holmes grew to change into a rising star throughout the tech sector, promising to transform the diagnostics commerce. She attracted the attention of patrons, the media, and most of the people alongside together with her distinctive black turtleneck and deep voice paying homage to Steve Jobs. Holmes established a reputation as an outstanding visionary who was recurrently compared with Jobs. Nonetheless, the actual fact was far fully totally different from the parable she had cultivated beneath the attractive exterior.

The Obsession Unveiled:

Holmes went to considerable efforts to imitate Jobs in her quest for greatness. She tried to incorporate Apple’s design and promoting ideas into the Theranos mannequin together with taking his trademark black turtleneck, which she moreover stole. Her description of Theranos’ blood testing kits as “the iPod of healthcare,” a clear reference to Apple’s iconic gadget, is one noteworthy event.

The apparent occasion of Holmes’ fixation, though, was her need to honour Jobs following his passing. In line with “Unhealthy Blood,” she directed that the Apple flag be flown at half-mast at Theranos’ Palo Alto headquarters. Work on the agency ceased due to Holmes and her then-boyfriend Sunny’s obsession with discovering an Apple flag, which consumed all of their time.

Holmes’ efforts to portray herself as a visionary similar to Jobs in the long run failed. Theranos, initially estimated at $9 billion, in the long run failed throughout the face of criticism, revealing the company’s flawed blood testing merchandise. Every Holmes and Balwani have been matter to licensed repercussions after being found accountable on 4 counts of fraud each. They’ve been wanted to offer patrons, such Rupert Murdoch and Walgreens, very important restitution.

Impression on Theranos’ Demise:

Holmes’ fixation on Jobs had a serious influence on Theranos and its staff. The precise effort required to make the company worthwhile was overshadowed by her obsessive quest of turning into the next Steve Jobs. Employees recall a change in focus, with a big amount of their time and belongings moving into path of Holmes’ personal targets.

Theranos attracted very important funding and landed well-known collaborations, nevertheless its know-how was in the long run revealed to be a rip-off. The misunderstanding that Holmes was a visionary was dispelled by the flawed blood check out kits and the following inquiry into Theranos’ enterprise practises. It grew to change into clear that her obsession with copying Jobs had saved her from making a worthwhile and morally sound agency.

The fallout from Theranos’ failure was intensive. As a consequence of Elizabeth Holmes’ conviction for lots of counts of fraud, Sunny Balwani and he or she have been matter to licensed penalties. Rupert Murdoch and Walgreens have been among the many many patrons and companions who suffered damage, which led to very important financial losses and destroyed commerce perception.


The fascination Elizabeth Holmes had with Steve Jobs was a defining top quality of her time as CEO of Theranos. In the long term, her attempt to imitate Jobs and channel his visionary aura led to her agency’s demise. The incident with the half-mast flying of the Apple flag at Theranos’ firm headquarters is a potent illustration of Holmes’ misplaced priorities. The narrative of Holmes as a visionary chief fell apart as the actual fact about Theranos’ dishonest enterprise practises acquired right here to gentle, displaying the risks of idolising and making an attempt to emulate a renowned decide with out the benefit and integrity to once more it up.