Fanfix: The Gen Z-Focused Solely Followers with none nudity

Social media’s improvement has primarily modified how content material materials producers and influencers work along with their viewers, however being worthwhile off of their work has repeatedly confirmed troublesome. Enter Fanfix, a platform created by Harry Gestetner that provides an genuine spin on the creator financial system. On this text, we take a look at Fanfix’s historic previous, what makes it distinct from OnlyFans, how its newest sale has affected it, and the best way it might probably have an effect on the market.

Credit score: Fanfix

The Rise of Fanfix:

In 2020, 22-year-old businessman Harry Gestetner co-founded Fanfix as a platform for Gen Z influencers searching for to monetise their follower bases. Fanfix prioritises giving producers who want to keep away from categorical content material materials a transparent and guarded atmosphere, in distinction to its adult-oriented competitor OnlyFans. Fanfix gives a month-to-month membership model with a minimal need of 10,000 followers all through social media platforms, enabling creators to share distinctive content material materials with their followers.

Fanfix’s Distinctive Content material materials Pointers

The content material materials insurance coverage insurance policies of Fanfix set it apart from its rivals. Though the platform expressly forbids nudity, a deeper inspection reveals that it gained’t be completely “protected for work.” Even when it’s not categorical, some supplies crosses the street, like close-ups of bikini-clad buttocks and flicks of authors spitting. Fanfix nevertheless seeks to strike a stability between web sites like TikTok and OnlyFans by adhering to social norms.

The Fanfix Distinction:

Fanfix stands out from totally different platforms on account of it areas a robust emphasis on giving creators a definite provide of money whereas avoiding the reference to categorical content material materials. Fanfix hopes to close this gap between influencers and mannequin partnerships, which can very effectively be hesitant to collaborate with producers on adult-oriented platforms on account of worries over mannequin affiliation. Whereas the platform continues to have excessive tips on nudity, it does enable content material materials that adheres to cultural norms, similar to what’s found on TikTok and Instagram.

The $65 Million Acquisition:

Fanfix was bought by SuperOrdinary, a mannequin accelerator that specialises in influencer connections, in a giant switch. The acquisition not solely highlights the rising significance of the inventive financial system, nevertheless it certainly moreover marks a change in how producers now view and utilise the potential of social media influencers. The cooperation between Fanfix and SuperOrdinary creates prospects for product collaborations, rising the platform’s attain and enabling creators to earn more money.

Potential Impression and Future Growth:

With over 10 million subscribers and a projected payout of $50 million to its 3,000 producers by the tip of the 12 months, Fanfix has shortly acquired traction inside the creator financial system. Fanfix gives a sustainable income stream for Gen Z influencers, with producers on the group incomes a imply of $70,000 per 12 months. Fanfix’s explicit emphasis permits for a additional curated and brand-friendly environment, even whereas it may not match the size of its adult-oriented rivals like OnlyFans with its 180 million registered clients.

Harry Gestetner sees Fanfix as a danger to even commerce titans like OnlyFans inside the burgeoning subscriptions sector. Although this would possibly sound formidable, the platform’s give consideration to Gen Z, mobile-first design, and dedication to meeting the requirements of its artists would possibly help it succeed. Platforms like Fanfix and Patreon now have a possibility to thrive due to the established social media giants like Instagram and TikTok failing to appropriately deal with revenue and discovery for creators.


The success of Fanfix serves as a concrete occasion of the inventive financial system’s rising have an effect on. Fanfix is upending the current quo by providing a squeaky-clean, brand-friendly platform for Gen Z influencers to monetize their content material materials. SuperOrdinary’s newest acquisition strengthens its place and creates options for fascinating new partnerships. Even when there are obstacles to beat, Fanfix’s dedication to its purpose market and inventive contemplating would possibly help it arrange itself as an enormous participant inside the creator financial system.